​***该主题涉及物理挑战,包含攀爬。 (1.8米攀爬墙)***

玩家人数:4-8 (建议人数)

游戏时间:75 分钟

解谜难度:简单, 标准, 困难

物理挑战难度:简单, 标准









直到今天,事情出现了转机。 我们从Steven的咆哮中惊醒,我不知道他是怎么了,像是完全变了一个人。就在Steven撞出自己牢房的同时,保安赶了过来。保安向他连开数枪,但Steven像变是一头疯狂的怪兽,并直接把保安的头死死按在墙上,然后逃走了。外面传来打斗和咆哮的声音,然后安静下来。


还没等我反应过来,警报开始作响。警报说: “红色警戒,所有人员立刻撤离,实验中心将在75分钟后自爆。”



Quite a realistic experience!
I’ve been to a fair amount of escape rooms and the storyline, puzzles, codes of this place made the most sense to me. I tried the one where we were locked up for human experiments. The settings and props made me feel that we are indeed trapped in a lab and we had to find clues to get out. Even prison clothing was provided! The clues are just like an actual lab where there are security passcodes, access badges, fingerprints etc. It’s logical and practical. I’ve been in escape rooms with puzzles that I have no idea why I’m solving for, and this place is not one of them.
It was a challenging and fun experience. Kudos to the designers! I’ll come back for the other themes they offer at this place.

Cynthia Qiu

Extremely entertaining escape game and friendly staffs!!!!!!!! Also very challenging!!!

Stephanie lam

I’ve been to quite a few escape games in GTA. This is the most special one. It tests your teamwork and creative thinking. Highly recommended to players who are looking for some real challenges instead of just scaring scenes.

Peihai Li

I've been to 3 Room Escape games in the GTA area so far, and this one was the best and really impressive!!! It combined physical and intellectual challenges and at the end of the game, we're exhausted but still excited! It was so much fun! It required real teamwork and I strongly suggest there be some physically strong members in the group otherwise it'll be really difficult. But don't get scared! Not everyone of the team needs to face the physical tasks and that's what I meant-- Teamwork!! I strongly recommend this place!!

Jun Yang