Please read before booking

  • Our recommendation is 4-8 players per game for the best game experience. You are allowed to play as many as 10 players, however the best game experience is not guaranteed. If you like to play with less than 4 players during our busy hours (Friday - Sunday, holidays), extra 20% fee will be chargerd per player.

  • Price varies based on number of players (price/player), (Tax not included)

       8 players: 29.95 CAD. 7 players: 32.95 CAD. 6 players: 35.95 CAD. 5 players: 37.95 CAD.

       4 players: 39.95 CAD. 3 players: 41.95 CAD. 2 players: 43.95 CAD.

  • 80 CAD deposit is required for booking. (refundable after your game)

       Share/like us in store get 10% OFF! (Tuesday-Thursday gets 15%)

  • Due to nature of the games, at least 3-4 players of the group have to be physically and mentally fit, in order to complete some of the challenges in the game.