• Group size:For the best game experience, we recommend you have 4 - 8 players for one game. If you wish to play with as few as 3 players or as many as 10 players, we can not guarantee the best game experience.

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                Number of players                       Price/player (CAD)       (Tax not included) 

                              8                                              35.95

                              7                                              37.95

                              6                                              39.95

                              5                                              41.95

                              4                                              43.95

                              3                                              46.95

  • Deposit: 80 CAD deposit is required for booking. (This 80 CAD is refundable after your game)

  • Cancellation: To get 80 CAD deposit full refund, you must cancel at least 48 hours before your game. Cancel within 48 hours of your game time, 80 CAD is only refundable if the game slot is resold.

  • Physical challenges: Due to nature of the games, at least 3-4 players of the group have to be physically fit, in order to complete some of the challenges in the game.