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Group size: 4-8 players (6 Recommended)

Duration: 60mins Mini Game / 80mins Full Experience

Difficulty: Very difficult without hints (6 hints allowed)


Background story:

You are camping in a remote forest to enjoy the quietness. This evening, while you are chatting, you get a radio broadcast message over your walkie-talkie.

“Can anyone hear me? It’s an emergency, we need your help; please respond!” The woman on the radio says.

You respond to the woman and learn that she is a commander. They lost contact with the crews of a secret military facility in your area. What makes the situation even worst is that an artificial intelligence in the facility is trying to launch a nuclear missile from there. It will take the backup team at least 1 hour to get there due to a landslide. Therefore, the commander wants you to enter the facility and turn off the computer of the AI as soon as possible. They will, however, choose to eliminate the facility by the air force if the situation is out of control. You discuss it for a minute and realize that the nuclear bomb may explode near you if they choose to destroy the facility and none of you could survive. It seems you don’t really have an option, but to help them.

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