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​***Climbing and crawling are required during this game, extra caution needed***

***Some of the players may need to go over a 1.8 m tall obstacle***​

Group size: 4-8 players (6 Recommended)

2 game versions avaliable

80 mins full version: All challenges and all rooms

60 mins short version: less challenges and less game rooms

Difficulty: Very difficult without hints. (3 hints or 6 hints allowed)


Background story:

I've been here for...I don't know how long it's been. There are no clocks and no windows in my small room. Every time I wake up, I leave a mark on the wall.

There are 206 marks.

I'm alone in my cell, but not the only captive here. We speak to each other through the walls. None of us knows why we're here, but our last memories before waking up here are the same: we were interviewing for a job, gas filled the room we were waiting in, and then...we woke up here. Wherever here is.

I'm the only one with some hazy memories: I was strapped to an operating table surrounded by masked people quietly talking over me.

All I know is they've been testing something on us. I have needle punctures and suture scars all over my body. So far, no one has felt much difference except for occasional vomiting and dizziness.

I'm ready to give up. There is no way out, no way to get help from outside. We don't have any control over our lives; we can't keep ourselves awake, we can't even kill ourselves.

Everything has changed. We woke in alarm from Steven's shouting. I don't know what happened to him, but he lost his mind. Security ran in as Steven escaped from his cell. The guard opened fire but Steven was an unleashed beast and smashed the guard's head against the wall and fled. I heard a lot of noise outside and a lot of yelling, then dead silence.

I was shocked trying to figure out what happened. How did Steven get out of his cell? How did he survive the point blank gunshot?

Not did I have any clue, the alarm went off. "Code red, code red, all personel evacuate from your labs immediately, the research center will self-destruct in 80 minutes."

After calming down, I now realise this is it: our only chance of getting out of here. Or die.

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