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Rules and restrictions for winning our grand opening competetion prize

1.The competition starting from January 5th 2019 and ends at 11:59 pm on April 10th 2019.

2.Teams must have a minimum of 6 players, and must be co-ed having 2 members of the opposite sex on the team. (teams of first-time players are exempt from this clause)

3.Every team is recommended to challenge the hardcore level of the game "Lockdown" in order to get a higher score.

4.There is no limit to the number of attempts and every experienced player will get 5 dollars off for each attempt.

5.Team with the highest overall score will be awarded $1000. The second place will be awarded a $200 amazon gift card. The third place will be awarded $50 amazon gift card. Souvenirs will be given to the rest of the teams.

6.Formula for calculating the overal score: Sum of each (degree of difficulty * challenge weighting) + time left - number of hints * hint weighting. Non-first-time players can request to see the exact formula.

7.REVOESCAPE reserves the right to explain the rules and restrictions and announce new rules when necessary.

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